When is the last time you updated your Business Strategy?

A) Recently, perfect! You are up to date with your Business Strategy, or do you still want to have a second opinion to sharpen your thoughts and make it as crisp as possible, please read further.

B) Longer than 3 years ago? Would you consider help in order to develop the strategy into something you can use on a day to day basis?

Please read further

Business strategy is the strategy which is used normally for 3 to 5 years and is reviewed at least annually to be effective as a good business strategy is driving direction for all your business decisions for all you people.

2 thoughts on “Strategy for you

  1. Many Businesses I see nowadays, have problems showing the value this business provides towards a customer and potential investors. This is really a shame, because if you can show the value of your plans it is much more than only the value of your current business.

  2. When was the last time you spoke to your customers?
    My advise:
    Please contact 10 of them and interview them on what they like, aspire, problems and how you can help them.

    Evaluate the feedback and look over the common grounds and inspiration you got.

    Define 3 actions and act on them.

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